In celebration of the new comedy 'Dinner for Schmucks' -- where guests compete to see whose plus-one is the most pathetic -- we cordially invite you to join us as we chew over some of the most uncomfortable cinematic dinners ever.

We're serving up bad jokes, bitchy relatives, intimidating future fathers-in-law, slippery snails and the worst menus ever. (Brains!)

Awkward movie dinners don't get any more painful than the 1998 Danish film 'The Celebration,' where, at his father's lavish 60th birthday party, a son's toast includes a shocking accusation of rape and incest. (We couldn't find a subtitled clip online, so it didn't make our list.) And how can we politely segue from there to another clip that didn't make the cut, the handjob-under-the-table from 'Wedding Crashers?' We can't. And we also can't embed that particular NSFW clip, but we did link.
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