As July comes to a close and summer hits its third act before school starts again, it's a good weekend to huddle together for a good ol' family movie night. Here are 10 recommendations for prime family viewing this weekend.

Toy Story 31. For Families Who've Yet to Go to the Movies Together: 'Toy Story 3' (G) - in theaters
Who's In It:Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack
What It's About: 'Inception' may be the grown-up movie of the summer, but Pixar's "threequel" is the overall movie of the summer. Andy's favorite toys Woody (Hanks), Buzz (Allen), Jessie (Cusack) and co. seem doomed to a life in attic storage until a mix-up takes them to a day care center instead. At first the toys, misled by big-shot purple-bear Lotso (Ned Beatty), think they will be cared for by sweet four-year-olds, but they end up in the toddler class, where the little ones slobber and clobber them every day. Can Woody, Buzz and the gang escape in time to bid Andy farewell to college? Of course! Will you still cry when they do? Of course!