According to Deadline Hollywood, Jason Priestley and Luke Perry, former pop idols and stars of super-duper popular teen drama Beverly Hills, 90210, are reteaming for an upcoming project. More specifically, two of the hunky stars of 90210 are going to star in a western. And who says the western as a genre is dead?!

The film is called Goodnight for Justice and will be produced by the Hallmark Movie Channel. Priestley is set to driect the film and it's based on an idea Perry originally had. This is my favorite part of this thing: apparently, Perry's idea was to make a trilogy of westerns. I'm sure the Hallmark Movie Channel was thrilled at the thought of an epic western trilogy but sadly, Perry and Priestley are only getting one flick. With a glaring typo (C'mon now, it should be "Good Night" not "Goodnight." "Goodnight" reads like you're tucking your teddy bear, Justice, in bed.).

All kidding aside, I'm honestly more perplexed by this project than I am sure it will fall flat on its face. Do teen girls still dream of Jason Priestley and Luke Perry? Better question: do grown women that used to watch the show? Who's the audience for this thing exactly? Who remembers these guys? Best question: will Tori Spelling cameo as the local sheriff? Will Donna Martin graduate? Sound off in the comments section, please.

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