Sometimes a piece of movie news comes along that is so exciting, so perfect, that it seems to cleanse the spirit of all cynicism and doubt. Guillermo Del Toro adapting HP Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness for Universal with James Cameron producing is such news.

Although Del Toro has talked about doing this film for some time now, it's always seemed like an impossible dream, the kind of movie he'd only get made if he cut corners, maybe even compromised. Heck, part of me always assumed he only took The Hobbit to help earn the necessary clout to get this thing off the ground.

But here we are. The Hobbit is not happening with Del Toro at the helm, but he's teamed up with one of the most powerful filmmakers in the world to adapt the work of the greatest (and weirdest) horror writer of all time for a major studio as a tentpole release.

This is not direct to DVD junk. This is not some well-intentioned cardboard-and-superglue production. This is an expensive Lovecraft adaptation from one of the great modern filmmakers, a man who seems to understand Lovecraft through and through.
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