Heat Vision Blog recently spread the word that, according to Smallville producers, Darkseid will be the main bad guy in the show's final season. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Tom Welling will be directing an episode and sure, sure, sure, so will Justin Hartley but, c'mon, who cares about that stuff when we know that Darkseid is going to be in Smallville? How weird, unusual and exciting is that, huh?!

Many of you reading this might ask: "What's a Darkseid and how does it affect the Superman movie series?!" Well, I'll tell you! About the former. I don't know how it'll affect the latter. I'm hoping that David Goyer and Christopher Nolan's Superman idea is "edgy' and "dark." Not because I think it'd be good but because there's a good chance that Darkseid might show up in it. This guy is one bad mofo. Anyway! Here's a handy tip sheet telling you all about Darkseid. After the jump.
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