Persecution of scientists, the poor and movie critics make up this week's round-up of theatrical releases coming home. And just when you thought the studios were ready to concede September, two more summer titles managed to find some territory. But first, the title we have been wondering about for weeks

Dreamworks through Paramount Home Video will be releasing the sixth highest grossing film of 2010 to date, How To Train Your Dragon. The $217-million grossing animated feature will be available on DVD, Blu-ray and one of those nifty Blu-ray/DVD combo packs on Friday, October 15, two weeks after their Iron Man 2 hits shelves. According to The Digital Bits, the package will include filmmaker commentary, deleted scenes, trailers and a DAW Jukebox, 8 featurettes and more. Sure to be a certain nominee for this year's Best Animated Feature, it will likely be the runner-up to Toy Story 3. If you want a certain winner, Sony is releasing last year's Best Foreign Film Oscar winner, The Secret In Your Eyes, on Sept. 21

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