Everyone's favorite big bosomed beauty with brainnnnns is coming back to television this September. Elvira (aka Cassandra Peterson) will be returning to the boob tube after 30 years with Elvira's Movie Macabre on THIS! Television. The show will be syndicated, which means it could pop up anywhere, most likely on a late-night spot or as part of horror programming.

Joe Bob Briggs did it, and of course Rhonda Shear, but no one put the pow in pun like Elvira. Hank Cohen, the CEO/Partner of Trifecta Entertainment confirmed that fans of the fiendish fatale will be treated to Elvira's tried and true snark and sass:

"Elvira will be every bit as relevant as the first day she burst onto the scene; a beautiful opinionated woman who always delivers just what her audience expects from her. At Trifecta, we take pride in bringing proven and trusted brands to the syndicated marketplace; Elvira is a time-tested and wildly successful brand unto herself and her new show perfectly exemplifies our strategy."

And what does the Mistress of the Dark have to say about this news? "All I can say is, it's about damn time!" Elvira said. Sounds about right. So it seems like we can expect more of the same from the lovely horror hostess: Elvira introduces a cheesy horror movie, makes fun of it, and flashes us a little cleavage, a wink, and a smile. If it's not broken, don't fix it.

Check out Elvira's site to see what trouble she's stirring up, and let us know if you'll be glued to the telly when she makes an appearance the weekend of September 25.
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