There aren't that many actors working today who can segue seamlessly from playing legendary dramatic characters like Hamlet and King Lear to lighthearted fare such as a regular schmo impersonating the president or a teacher questioning his sexuality.

But for 30 years Kevin Kline has done just that, winning two Tony's for his work on stage and an Oscar for his hilarious role as Otto, a British-hating criminal in 'A Fish Called Wanda.' Now for his latest film, 'The Extra Man,' Kline combines his comedic and Shakespearean talents to create his most outlandish character yet.

Adapted from Jonathan Ames' novel and directed by Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini ('American Splendor,''The Nanny Diaries'), the film follows Louis Ives (Paul Dano), a young playwright who moves to New York City's Upper East Side and comes under the spell of his new roommate, Henry Harrison (Kline), an eccentric bon vivant with no apparent source of income who spends his evenings as an "Extra Man," someone who escorts wealthy widows around town. Soon Harrison puts his new roomy under his wing and shows him the ropes of being an Extra Man, including the discrete way to urinate in public, how black shoe polish can be helpful when you don't have clean black socks and the art of conversing with another... which is to not.

Moviefone sat down with Kline at the posh Crosby Street Hotel in Lower Manhattan to talk about his career and why he had some explaining to do when he bumped into Jeremy Irons on the streets of New York while playing Henry Harrison.<
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The Extra Man
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