Danny Devito has limoncello, Marilyn Manson has Mansinthe, Dan Aykroyd has wine and Crystal Head Vodka -- and now Justin Timberlake joins the celebrity alcohol brand smorgasbord with his 901 Silver Tequila. But Timberlake wasn't content to just put his name on the bottle -- he's also making his directorial debut with 901's sexy ad campaign, which has hit YouTube, and will be followed by print ads in September and TV ads in spring of 2011.

Timberlake -- who chose the name as a nod to his hometown of Memphis' area code, and because "901 is that time of night when your evening is ending, but your night is just beginning." Oh, ok. -- debuted the three "uncommonly smooth" ads on the Pursuitist YouTube Channel (where apparently luxury is "redefined"). The videos were shot at the Los Angeles boutique hotel, The Standard, as well as various other L.A. hot spots.

In the first ad, Let Them Eat Cake, a sexy and self-assured woman talks to the camera and a man shrouded in shadow about ... well, "eating cake." An "exclusive" group of friends makes everyone else in the club look like a bunch of lowly fist-pumpers in 901's second ad, Improved By Use. Bondage and other naughties make an appearance in Risk and Peril. Check them all out after the jump and let us know if you think Timberlake's directorial prowess can elicit him a bigger gig.