If you're a connoisseur of fine French filmmaking, you might be familiar with the concept of 'Dinner for Schmucks' -- a comedy of errors based around one disastrous evening meal -- from its first iteration as 'The Dinner Game,' (or 'Le Diner De Cons,' for those who can pull off the accent). In its simplest terms, the film centers around a group of arrogant executives who hold regular dinner parties, during which they each attempt to bring the biggest "schmuck" they can find to the party. The exec with the kookiest schmuck wins respect, admiration, and perhaps a coveted promotion.

The original French project was produced in 1998, and when Moviefone took a tour of the 'Schmucks' set before Christmas, screenwriter David Guion admitted that even at that early stage, a U.S. remake seemed almost inevitable. "When the original came out, Dreamworks almost immediately bought the rights," he said. "A lot of different people were approached to work on it; Judd Apatow visited the set not long ago and said, 'Oh, right before I started writing 'Freaks and Geeks' I was approached about doing this.' It's had a very long history."
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Dinner for Schmucks
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