After winning the Best Documentary Oscar for his directorial debut The Cove, one can only imagine how much pressure Louie Psihoyos has on him to follow that up with another documentary that's just as powerful (if not more) than his previous effort. While he continues to wage a war against the mass dolphin murders in Japan, Psihoyos has been hard at work on his next documentary, tentatively called The Singing Planet.

Speaking to Momentum, he says, "We're shooting a 3-D film about the mass extinction of wildlife caused by humanity--I think it's the biggest story out there right now. We'll be all over the world for that one, The Gulf, Polynesia, all over the Pacific including Cocos and Galapagos, Europe and many places now being determined...." Back in March, it was revealed that Psihoyos wanted to turn his camera on endangered species next, focusing on "the list of extinct-prone animals and organisms, and the battles to save them." It certainly seems like both of these projects are one in the same, but the title and news that he's filming in 3D are brand new.

Cinematical got word not long ago from some pretty reliable sources that, like The Cove, Psihoyos' next documentary would definitely utilize some of those same guerrilla-style filmmaking techniques found in the Oscar-winning doc, though at this time we do not want to reveal how they will come into play for fear that it will hurt the documentary. Just know that if he succeeds, this will be really big, and the repercussions for some people could be massive. We'll share more word when it comes our way ...
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