By the mousemat of Odin! 'Tis a great day for the denizens of the internet- FIVE WHOLE MINUTES of footage from the forthcoming Thor movie has sneaked onto the web, days after being shown at the recent Comic Con in San Diego. Be quick though because Marvel are using all their powers to get the clip pulled.

That buzzing noise you may have heard in the distance these last few months has been frantic expectation about Marvel's forthcoming projects- namely the Joss Whedon-directed Avengers movie and the Kenneth Branagh-directed Thor. While The Avengers is only just going into pre-production, judging from the trailer it looks like Thor is almost finished.

Branagh seems to have done a splendid job too, although the story of Thor is slightly at odds in relation to the human involvement one has with Marvel's previous cinematic successes. I mean, hey, we can all relate to being bitten by a radioactive spider or getting caught up in a gamma ray experiment and turning green but empathising with an all-powerful exiled Norse God with a magic hammer? Hmmm...

Watch five minutes of Thor after the jump...
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