Nicolas Cage in Drive AngryAt this point, I'm convinced that Nicolas Cage is just screwing with us.

Cage was once known for roles in critically acclaimed movies like Moonstruck,Wild at Heart,Raising Arizona, and Leaving Las Vegas. Now, his career is a bizarre mix of family films like G-Force and The Sorcerer's Apprentice, cheesy Bruckheimer affairs like the National Treasure series, and action films like Ghost Rider and the upcoming Drive Angry (filmed in 3D!). His performance in Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call: New Orleans was hilarious and awe-inspiring in only the way a movie peppered with lucky crack pipes, hallucinated iguanas, and a brief POV that I'll call Alligator-Cam can be.

Nic Cage's interviews have gotten equally off the wall, in the kind of way where I'd really like to just get a few drinks with him and let him go off while I record it. Actually, I don't even care if I could record it. I just want to listen to him. Cage told David Letterman that his cat would actually steal psychedelic mushrooms from his refrigerator so Cage ate some too and bonded with his feline "brother." You must watch it. He told The Sun that he eats animals based on how "dignified" they were while having sex. (How do you even tell if a fish is having "dignified" sex? Never mind.) He even ascribed his desire to produce and/or star in children's films to the World Trade Center attacks at a Disney presentation, which I'm sure thrilled the publicists. And Cage also told journalists that his hair in the upcoming Drive Angry is dyed blond because he's "trying to tap into my Celtic roots."