Some time ago, I had the distinct privilege of interviewing the one and only Kevin Pollack about his web series Vamped Out. Vamped Out is the unfortunate tale of a actual vampire living in L.A. and struggling to make it as an actor. Even though his status as an honest-to-goodness vampire makes him ideal for the rash of vampire films and television shows saturating the entertainment industry of late, he finds himself constantly passed over for skinny, pale 20-something douchebags. The show is shot documentary style and provides the much-deserved pot shots at the horror pretenders currently bewitching tweens and stealing attention away from the authentic creatures of the night.

What followed was a serious failure on my part for which I can only beg your forgiveness. I posted the first few episodes with some semblance of regularity before getting wrapped up in other things and completely shafting the series. My apologies to Kevin and all the good people involved in this hilarious series. Picking up where we left off over two months ago, my face is bright red, here is episode five of Vamped Out.

Jump past the bump to watch.
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