star trek nemesisStar Trek: Nemesis, directed Stuart Baird, 2002

Like most Star Trek fans, I have mixed feelings about the final big screen adventure featuring the Next Generation cast. Nemesis delivers solid action and a few surprising moments – the Enterprise ramming a Reman warship, Data sacrificing himself to save the crew – but it lacks the heart, soul and depth of the great Trek films, especially the first TNG solo movie, First Contact.

Director Suart Baird, who mostly worked as an action movie editor before landing Nemesis, somehow managed to rob the characters and actors of all the chemistry they'd built up after more than a decade of working together. Inception star Tom Hardy does a decent job of hissing and snarling his way through playing the impossible role of Captain Picard's evil, limey, twentswomething clone despite not looking a thing like Patrick Stewart.
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