Well . . . apparently they remade Night of the Demons. I'm not complaining, of course. The original is far from sacrosanct, but this just slipped right by me. I'm not surprised by any means, but it says something that such a notable (to me) film can go unnoticed amid the onslaught of remakes. It's all just noise at this point. The official Facebook page has a whole slew of information about it, including news of the October 15th premier screening in NYC.

On Halloween night, Maddie Curtis and her friends attend a decadent party at the notorious Broussard mansion – a place where 80 years ago the owner hung herself and six people disappeared without a trace. After the police shut down the party and chase away the guests, Maddie and her friends stay behind and discover a horrifying secret – that the mansion is home to a group of vengeful, blood-thirsty demons.

From what I can tell, it looks like it strays only slightly from the original film, but this time it has Edward Furlong. You can keep your doughy John Connor. I'll be watching it for Diora Baird. Probably more than once. The first one was an entertaining 80's splatter fest. It was low on scares, but high on schlock. I can't imagine that this one is going to be terribly different. Director Adam Gierasch doesn't have much experience behind the camera aside from this, so I'm not sure what to expect. His writing credits are somewhat lengthy and of . . . questionable quality.

The DVD hits retail on October 19th.

In other news, Edward Furlong is still alive.
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