Bob Clark. Genuflect when you say that name and may he rest in peace. Sure, he foisted a lot of crap on us over his career. I won't mention which ones, but a passing glance at his IMDB listing and you'll know what I'm talking about. However, he also brought us gems like Porky's and the ubiquitous A Christmas Story. Best of all, though? He crafted two of the my favorite horror movies ever. They were early in his career and the second one, Black Christmas, arguably kick started the slasher genre, for better or for worse. The flick still holds up as a terrifying tale. His crowning achievement, however, is Deathdream.

In the film, Andy Brooks is killed on the front lines of the Viet Nam war. Inexplicably, he returns home to his family mere hours after they are notified of his death. All is well, for a while, until Andy becomes murderous. He turns from shell-shocked soldier to bloodthirsty ghoul. The spooky flick takes its time, building up a slow dread as Andy's physical decay mirrors the disintegration of his family.

Fresh out of the Fantasia Film Festival, Fango reports that Stephen Susco, writer of the Grudge, has been trying to get the remake rolling for years now. I'd heard rumors here and there, but nothing concrete. Now it seems they have a director in Grace's Paul Solet. Naturally, the anti-war parable will be updated to reflect the events in Iraq, but it seems like it would be a seamless transition. The new working title is Zero Dark Thirty, which means nothing to me. Check out Fangoria for a detailed write-up.
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