Britain doesn't have very many contemporary horror regulars. In the days of Hammer Horror there were plenty to go around, but today? It's a rather limited pool and, oddly enough, funnyman Danny Dyer is probably the biggest name floating in it. I first took note of him in Severance, but since then he's gone on to do a number of genre pictures (my favorite being Jake West's Doghouse), with even more in the pipeline. The latest of his projects to get a trailer is Basement (which also stars Jimi Mistry of the quite cool thriller, Exam), a film about six friends who get trapped in a labyrinthine underground system as some part of an experiment.

The trailer reminds me a bit of The Hole, which is an effective little teen potboiler, but it looks like there's a more considerable threat lurking within Basement than just close-proximity teen angst. Check out the trailer below. And if you live in the UK, you can check out the film in theaters on August 20th and then on DVD/Blu-ray August 23rd.
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