There are so many graphic novels being snapped up for big screen adaptation these days that I'm starting to wonder if graphic novelists whose work has yet to be optioned feel like the last kid picked for a game of kickball. The most recent title to get selected for the silver screen is Lore, published by IDW and created by the husband-wife team of Ashley Wood (artist) and T.P. Louis (writer). The series is about a secret group of people, called the Shepherds, who banished monsters of folklore from the world long ago. However, these mythological beasts have taken advantage of a gap in the generational line of Shepherds and are now once again threatening mankind.

Cory Goodman (the upcoming adaptation of the Korean comic Priest) and Jeremy Lott have been hired by Mad Chance and Circle of Confusion (the upcoming Walking Dead television series) to pen the screenplay. No director or principal talent have been attached at this early stage, but the producers have told Borys Kit at Heat Vision that their hope is to turn Lore into a Men in Black-esque action-adventure franchise. That's not a bad goal to shoot for, but they'll certainly have competition; a few "elite team protect the world from hidden horrors" properties have risen lately, the most recent being Archangels, which Joseph Kosinski is set to direct for Scott Free Productions.
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