WatchmenLaura Mennell has joined the cast of SyFy's superhero drama 'Alphas.' For those with a short memory, she played Doctor Manhattan's ex-girlfriend Janey Slater in the movie 'Watchmen.' In the movie, her character is stricken with cancer as a part of a conspiracy to bring down the superheroes. One could call this ironic casting.

Also joining the cast is Malik Yoba, whom is most known for his role in 'New York Undercover' but I remember best as the 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' parody called Ice in 'Arrested Development.' Mennell's character has an interesting twist to her power. She can manipulate anybody into doing whatever she wants, but as a result she never knows if people's feelings towards her are genuine. It's sort of like working in Hollywood.

'Alphas' sounds a bit like a redux of 'Heroes.' Hopefully Zak Penn and company can make it into something that won't fizzle out quite as quickly.
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