If you told me just the plot for Detention, I think you'd find me on bended knee by the time you finished talking. From BD:

"The film follows a 17-year-old who is given detention on the night of her prom. Over the course of the night her friends are murdered by a fictional horror movie icon. It's said to be in the vein of Scream with elements of Back to the Future (time travel is involved) and classic John Hughes teen films from the 80's."

That's fantastic, no? Sure, it's not guaranteed to be amazing, but there is a lot of potential to be mined there if it's put into the right hands, particularly if the vibe is a bit more comedic than it is serious. Thing is, I'm not sure it is in the right hands. Music video director Joesph Kahn is set to direct Detention from a Mark Palermo script this August. I'd certainly rather see a high concept like that given to someone like Edgar Wright or even Dance of the Dead's Gregg Bishop, but the guy who directed Torque? At least he's got something to prove.

It doesn't help matters that Shock Till You Drop are reporting that the film is set to star Dane Cook. Yes, that Dane Cook. Given that it's about a high school prom, I'm guessing he's not playing one of the teens, but I still dread spending any time at the movies with him. There is one small saving grace, however, in the form of Josh Hutcherson. Again, it's unclear who he'll be playing, but I actually quite like the young Vampire's Assistant actor. I'm kind of bummed he didn't get the Spider-Man gig, but I'm glad to see he's already got more projects on the horizon.
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