Leonardo DiCaprioIn the wake of Mel Gibson's ranting phonecalls and allegations of domestic abuse, Leonardo DiCaprio has now pulled out of a film about viking culture that Gibson was hoping to direct, according to RadarOnline.

Apparently, DiCaprio has long been interested in making a picture about vikings and had agreed to star in the film, having expressed excitement about the project over the last few months. Now, however, things have changed. Although the Inception star himself refuses to comment, a source close to him, when asked whether he would still star in the movie, said "Not a chance," adding "Leo has earned the right to pick and choose who he works with and Mel Gibson is not one of them."

Clearly DiCaprio is uncomfortable with being associated with Gibson, who is threatening to flee Hollywood and move back to Australia because of the fallout from leaked phone tapes and allegations. The fate of the viking movie, which was planned to start shooting this autumn, now hangs in the balance.

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