Francesca Lia BlockI first read Francesca Lia Block's book Weetzie Bat as a teen, and it immediately shot to the top of my list of Favorite Books Ever. Even now, I give the omnibus of Weetzie Bat stories, Dangerous Angels, to friends as gifts.

Weetzie Bat is a young girl living in Los Angeles who hates high school because, of course, no one understands. But what they don't understand is the magic around them. She wears cowboy boots and feathered headdresses and sometimes roller skates, and her best friend is a handsome guy with a Mohawk named Dirk. When he comes out to her, she just says that it's cool because now they can go looking for their true loves together; that's just how Weetzie rolls. Weetzie builds her own family of friends and lovers throughout Block's books, and while the stories don't shy away from the dark side of life at all -- AIDs, cheating, and implied assault all make an appearance in Weetzie Bat -- they were and are an inspiration to anyone who has ever felt like an outsider. Weetzie's world is punk rock magical realism in a Caddy with fins.

And there's a screenplay for it.

On August 8th at Book Soup in Los Angeles, a cast will be reading through Francesca Lia Block's screenplay Weetzie Bat directed by Brian Gaskill. The cast includes tween starlet Chelsea Staub (Jonas) as Weetzie, Aaron Ashmore (Smallville) as her boyfriend My Secret Agent Lover Man, Brant Daugherty (Pretty Little Liars) as Dirk, E.G. Daily (Dottie from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure,Valley Girl,The Devil's Rejects,Happy Feet 2) as Dirk's Grandma Fifi, Jason Seitz (Elephant) as Buzz Cut and Bam Bam, Crystal Mantecon (Terrence Malick's Tree of Life) as Vixanne, a witch obsessed with Jayne Mansfield, and Corbin Bernsen as Weetzie's dad, Charlie Bat.

After the jump is an exclusive quote from Francesca Lia Block about her screenplay.
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