Just because we've been drowning in photos from the set of Scream 4, doesn't mean we don't have an appetite for more. A brand new image from the franchise's fourth film has arrived and this one actually doesn't come from a sneaky photog lurking in a bush; it comes straight from the man in charge himself, Wes Craven.

Part of the film's story is that the folks living in Woodsboro are obsessed with the murders. In fact, they're so fanatical that they decorate the town with ghostface costumes during Remembrance Week. Sounds a little twisted to me, but if it helps people cope, go for it. Anyway, Craven posted a new ghostface picture, but this one is no decoration; this is the real thing. Yesterday Craven tweeted, "He's baaack!" and added a picture of the killer to go with it. It's one thing to see the mask laying around the set, but seeing someone actually wearing the costume and in a dark and ominous setting nonetheless is downright chilling.

Even with all the paparazzi-types running around the film's Michigan set, posting photos and making all of us at home feel like we're practically on the set ourselves, dozens of their photos cannot compare to this one from Craven. It's great getting to check out all of the new kids making their own fountain scene and to see Dewey and a new band of cops donned in Woodsboro police gear, but it all comes down to one thing: the killer and this photo provides the necessary glimmer of hope that he or she is back with a vengeance.

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