Bill Murray at Tribeca Film FestivalThere are not many comic actors as beloved as Bill Murray, and for very good reason.

Since his mainstream debut as a 'Saturday Night Live' regular in 1977, his offbeat, goofball persona has mellowed into a deadpan, bone-dry humor that's equally, if not more, hilarious. His acting chops have also sharpened with age; some of his film performances have been downright poignant ('Broken Flowers'). For longtime fans, there is no one cooler or funnier. Murray is (still) The Man.

The latest incarnation of his comic and dramatic talents is undertaker Frank Quinn in the dramedy 'Get Low,' co-starring Robert Duvall and Sissy Spacek, opening Friday. (The always-game Murray recently injured his head in a David Letterman dumpster pool-diving stunt and though he soldiered through the subsequent interview, he had to skip a screening of the film that night.)

In celebration of his latest movie -- and the 30th anniversary of 'Caddyshack' -- we bring you some of our favorite Murray movie moments (at least of the clips that are available), a near impossible feat with so much greatness to choose from, we soon realized. Which didn't stop us.
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