If you thought the leaked 'Thor' trailer was something crazy, then this 10-minute preview of August's 'Piranha 3D' will take a big bite out of that, chew it up, and send a school of cannibalistic fish to devour the remains. This is the mother of leaked clips. This was the preview that was supposed to screen at Comic-Con -- but organizers canceled the screening after they felt this footage was "inappropriate."

While you're waiting for the preview to load (it's a whole 10 minutes!), here's everything you need to know about 'Piranha 3D': It's about thousands of cannibalistic fish that descend upon Spring Break to feast upon hundreds of drunk college students, who are too busy partying to see the blood in the water. Oh, and the whole thing is in 3-D (in case, you thought 'Piranha 3D' was a metaphor or something).

So watch it the video now. WARNING: This video contains graphic violence, excessive blood and gore, strong sexual content, nudity, adult language, and hostility towards fish.