In a few months, you'll be able to pick up a Blu-ray rental with your Big Mac -- Redbox has announced that they'll soon be offering $1.50-per-night Blu-ray rentals at a number of their kiosk locations.

Home Media Magazine reports that Redbox president Mitch Lowe, serving as keynote speaker at the snappily named Entertainment Supply Chain Academy Edge Conference, told the assembled masses that the depressed economy has been good for the bargain-priced Redbox.

"There's been a big change in customer behavior," Lowe said."They're being much more frugal." Of course, it looks like that won't stop them from tagging an additional, premium charge of 50 cents per night on those Blu-ray discs, which won't cost Redbox appreciably more to stock than standard DVDs.

Lowe also told the conference that, although DVD sales are down, Redbox renters are more likely to buy new movies than non-Redbox customers -- a point he made to rebut industry claims that Redbox's cheap rentals hurt sales of new DVDs.

So, what do you think? Is it worth half again as much to rent Blu-ray? Is Redbox taking advantage, or are they offering additional value by stocking two different formats?