Opining about how huge and out of control Comic-Con has gotten over the past few years isn't exactly new. After every year's show, countless scribes hit their keyboards ready to lament how the mega-event is too big for its own good and how comics -- the reason for its existence in the first place -- have been relegated to second-class citizen status. While I tend to agree with those views, I'm not convinced that it will ever really change. Comic-Con is big business now -- the proverbial dog-and-pony show crams more movies, panels, screenings, and assorted other hoopla into a several day span than any one person could possibly experience. When the cost to studios in terms of putting on the show is weighed against how much advertising bang for the buck they're getting and is determined to be a poor investment, that's when Comic-Con may finally start to change.

Heat Vision posted an interesting graphic that comes courtesy of Flixster. It tracks eight films featured at Comic-Con and how much the percentage of iPhone searches for those titles increased or decreased from last week to this week. The results are sort of surprising.

Hit the jump to find out how your favorite Comic-Con flicks are faring in the post-show afterglow.