A perfect snoozer in every way that 17 Again had been a pleasant surprise, the reunion of star Zac Efron with director Burr Steers for Charlie St. Cloud proves ineffective at elevating the maudlin material at hand into something more moving.

On the night of his high school graduation, Charlie (Efron) has been tasked with keeping tabs on his younger brother, Sam (Charlie Tahan), while Mom (Kim Basinger) takes up an extra shift at work. As Charlie tries to sneak off for that great big kegger at the point, Sam catches him in the act and insists on at least getting a ride to a friend's house along the way. Neither one plans on a drunk driver rear-ending their car and forcing it into oncoming traffic, though, and before you know it, Sam is dead and Charlie is being resuscitated in the back on an ambulance.
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