Today's poster is for a sci-fi classic,20 Million Miles To Earth (1957). But I'm mixing things up a bit and showing you the Belgian poster for the film, which uses different art than the US posters.

It also uses the title "Les Rescapés De La Planete Venus," which Google Translate says means The Survivors Of The Planet Venus. Interestingly, that title is not among any of the known AKAs on IMDB.

That being said, I hope that one of you speaks Dutch and can tell me what the tagline "De Vlughtelingen Van Planeet Venus" means. Google Translate thinks it means "Vlughtelingen From the Planet Venus," which is decidedly unhelpful.

Click through for the full poster and the US trailer. The best part of the trailer is when a scientist tells a group of reporters that a rocket crash-landed on Venus, and we get this exchange:

Girl Reporter [incredulously]: Venus?
Guy Reporter [quizzically]: The planet Venus?

Yes, moron. The planet Venus. Geez. Who let that guy into the press conference?

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