Kevin Costner, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Tina Majorino in 'Waterworld'

It's hard to believe, but 15 years ago this week 'Waterworld' was released (on a somewhat suspecting public). Yes, time flies when it comes to legendarily awful movies, and 'Waterworld,' dubbed "Fishtar" by some, is right up there on many Top Flops lists.

The film is widely considered part of the one-two punch that derailed the previously red-hot career of its star and co-producer, Kevin Costner, who also reportedly took over director Kevin Reynolds' duties at one point. (Two years later, 'The Postman' would complete the KO.) To be sure, 'Waterworld' was in trouble before it even reached the screen. Over-budget, behind schedule and beleaguered by production woes, the movie was anticipated for all the wrong reasons by a press and public who smelled blood after Costner's underwhelming 'Wyatt Earp.'

Was it really all that bad? We recently took another look at 'Waterworld' (the 135-minute theatrical version; not the 176-minute director's cut aired by ABC in 1998), and yep, it's pretty bad, if not quite the total disgrace it's celebrated as. But it does have a few fun, over-the-top aspects going for it.
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