'Dinner for Schmucks' posterI have mixed feelings about 'Dinner for Schmucks.' Not the movie, just the title. Not the whole title, just that last word.

As an assimilated Jew of Eastern European extraction, I'm proud that the Yiddish my ancestors spoke when they arrived at Ellis Island more than a century ago has now so thoroughly permeated everyday American English that Hollywood can feel comfortable putting a Yiddish word like 'Schmucks' in a movie title and assume everyone will know what it means. On the other hand, everyone obviously does not know what it means, including perhaps the filmmakers and the DreamWorks studio marketers, or they might have thought twice about using a word that's actually a vulgar slang term for a part of a man's body.

Sure, I get that they needed a word that was stronger than just "idiots," but would anyone be able to get away with calling a movie 'Dinner for D--kheads'?
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