Don't look now, but the Koreans are ready to hop on the "first-person shot on a camcorder" horror film gravy train with the release of Deserted House. Twitch brought us a look at the trailer (sans English subs, unfortunately) a few days ago. I'm torn on this one.

On the one hand, it's hard to judge a film by a trailer, particularly one where you can't understand a word of the dialogue. On the other, film is a visual medium and I can tell by looking at these images that this is basically Paranormal Activity fused with Ju-On: The Grudge. I've gone on record numerous times in the past decade complaining about how sick I am of Asian girl ghost films -- so the sight of an Asian girl contorting herself into a strange pretzel-like shape on a grainy camcorder image is enough to make me want to check out right then and there.

The film, which was directed by Lee Cheol-ha, has the following plot description (sorry for the mangled English in advance...):

n 42 years, 6 people have disappeared! 8 people have died! There have been 11 murders! Everyone is afraid of the deserted house with the ghosts. It is prohibited to enter if you are alive. But three deserted home society members and three filming team members enter the deserted house. They break the taboo of deserted homes and enter the world of spirits. But they disappear one day... And there is only a video they left behind...

I love that it's prohibited to enter -- if you're alive. If you're a corpse, enter at your leisure. No word on when this might turn up in America, or if it will at all, but we'll keep you posted. Hit the break for the trailer.
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