Last week's Trailer Park was solely focused on Comic-Con footage, and the poll results were very, very close. In the end, Pirates of the Caribbean's teaser beat the latest from Tron Legacy by only two votes (26% vs. 25%). My number one pick, Machete, did pretty well in third place (16%), and bonus non-SDCC film Monsters is also gaining some good buzz in fourth place (10%). The big loser? Priest. Poor Paul Bettany.

This week we saw a few more Comic-Con leftovers, including a trailer for Thor: The Mighty Avenger. Both versions that we tried to embed were shut down, but if you search not so hard you can easily find the footage. I wasn't that into it, nor am I into what I see forSucker Punch. Maybe the reason we didn't see this stuff immediately after the Con attendees did is because they don't really work well for the non-fanboy crowd? Well, one new trailer did have me turned around, the "restricted" clip for The Other Guys. The last two trailers for the comedy have done little for me, but finally we're starting to see some hilarious material.

As far as the Trailer Park being a round-up of trailers we've looked at over the week, I'm sorry to say that I've left some really awful trailers off my chart: Yogi Bear (when do Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson get to voice a cartoon character?), Titanic II and Tamara Drewe(are we sure this isn't one of those re-cut trailers that change a film's genre?). Check out my rankings of the rest of the best and worst after the jump and let's see you all prove me wrong by campaigning for Sucker Punch by voting in the poll.