From the moment we learned that Christopher Nolan's Inception would deal with a machine that allowed people to enter the dreams of others, anime fans have been comparing it to Satoshi Kon's highly regarded film Paprika. Based on a novel by Yasutaka Tsutsui, Paprika is a story about a research psychologist who can use a machine to enter other people's dreams. Nolan bashers have halfheartedly latched on to the similarities when arguing that the filmmaker is overrated and not particularly original (which is largely a matter of personal opinion ... ), and there are definite similarities between the two tales.

Those common elements are even more noticeable -- and funny -- in this fan-made YouTube trailer for Paprika's Inception. In this clever mash-up, Paprika's images are matched with the Inception soundtrack and voice-over narration. The level of synchronicity between the two is pretty amazing. I've never heard Nolan talk about Paprika, and there are certainly no shortage of movies out there using shared dreams as plot elements, but it's still interesting to note some of the things the titles have in common. It seems like the filmmaker must have at least been familiar with Paprika on some level. Perhaps the worst thing about the similarities between the two projects is that it seems likely that people will call Wolfgang Peterson's live-action version of Paprika an "Inception rip-off," should it ever move beyond the treatment stage.

I've never seen Paprika -- because I can't get interested in anime for some reason, aside from a few of the landmark flicks -- but I may check it out now just to compare it with Nolan's movie. Check out the clip after the jump. If you've seen Paprika, chime in below with your thoughts about how the two films compare to each other.