You might have noticed that I've been championing a new documentary from Yael Hersonski called A Film Unfinished. The new feature takes propaganda footage from the Warsaw Ghetto during WWII -- which has been used in the past as historical document -- and reveals the "cinematic deception" of the frames. Hersonski outlines how many of the scenes of "real life" were crafted by the filmmakers to try and show a hideous disconnect between the Ghetto's "rich Jews and poor Jews" -- scenes of passerby walking over corpses are juxtaposed with lavish dinners (entirely crafted by the Nazis) and entertainment (where people were beaten if they didn't look like they were having enough fun).

It is a harrowing account, for sure, but also a worthy one. However, the documentary has now hit a snag, getting an R rating from the MPAA, which has inspired the Beastie Boys' (and Oscilloscope founder) Adam Yauch to speak out.
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