Chris PineHas a reboot of a reboot finally landed a director? Chris Pine has been slotted to play CIA analyst turned action hero Jack Ryan for many months now, but the project seemed to be languishing. Last month, though, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura indicated the film, entitled Moscow, might start shooting as early as next winter. And now Vulture reports that Jack Bender is close to signing a deal to direct the picture.

Bender served as an executive producer as well as directing 36 episodes of Lost, including the series finale. As a feature film director, his most notable credit is Child's Play 3, the one set at a military academy that was, frankly, pretty rotten. Vulture speculates that Bender has J.J. Abrams on his side, and that Abrams' word carries a lot of weight with Paramount, which is the studio backing the project. Bender's extensive TV experience proves, at least, that he can work on time and on schedule.
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