Last week, Selena Gomez made a surreal appearance on Lopez Tonight, George Lopez's TBS late night talk show. Apparently, Gomez had lost her voice and wasn't allowed to speak. Rather than reschedule the interview, Lopez gave Gomez a list of questions that the star then answered using a DynaVox voice replacement device. What ensued was a bizarre sounding chat between Lopez and a girl who sounds like she's a robot. While the DynaVox is certainly cool and very useful for people who've lost the ability to speak, the lack of tone and inflection in the phrases repeated by the machine are just a tad creepy.

Naturally, after seeing this, someone got the bright idea to make a clip video of famous film lines recreated using the DynaVox. The results are pretty funny -- there's nothing like hearing the robotic voice of the machine utter lines like "Yo Adrian!" or "You can't handle the truth!" in it's stilted, deadpan delivery style. The nearly two-minute long piece recreates lines from numerous movies, but they did miss some seemingly obvious choices -- like any of Bogart's best lines. It doesn't really matter, this is still entertaining.

Check out DynaVox's recreations of some of cinema's greatest lines after the jump, then share some of your choices for memorable movie quotes that need the robotic-voiced treatment in the comments section.