Russell Brand on the set of 'Arthur' (Picture copyright Splash)

We're all tired of boring remakes, so maybe the folks behind the new Arthur have come up with some bright ideas to refresh the character of a drunken, wealthy playboy whose inheritance is threatened when he falls in love with a working-class woman. (Or maybe they're all inebriated.) The Batmobile was first spotted on location in New York last month, and Cinematical's Erik Davis speculated that it was the vehicle of choice for the new Arthur, as played by Russell Brand, stepping into the shoes of the late, beloved Dudley Moore. Photos of Brand as Batman then emerged -- along with Luis Guzman as Robin -- making some wonder what sort of character the new Arthur would be: still a "lovable drunk," or some 21st century twist on addictions?

New set photos don't throw much more light on the subject. They show Brand with a DeLorean crafted to look like the classic time-travel machine from Back to the Future, complete with 'Outatime' license plates, reports Mail Online. Brand is also seen wearing a bowler hat, which is an obvious tip of the chapeau to Moore's portrayal, though Brand sports a much flashier red blazer. You might recall that the original Arthur liked to drive expensive race cars at a track but relied on a Rolls Royce and Bitterman, his chauffeur (Ted Ross), to get around town. I'd guess that the new Arthur prefers to collect automobiles and likes to drive himself. Or maybe Guzman is a combination butler / chauffeur? We'll have to wait to find out more details.

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