There's no denying that Allan Holzman's 1982 cheesy sci-fi flick Forbidden World isn't an entirely original idea, but fans of Roger Corman and low budget classics will still find a lot to love. The film is one of several Alien rip offs that populated the early 80's, and while Forbidden World's effects aren't top notch, Corman's efforts are pretty creative and Holzman's simple, less is more approach definitely works. A healthy dose of sleaze helps to propel the 77 minute movie forward, and the cast (consisting of several familiar faces) does a decent job at portraying a ragtag team of "experts" battling a mutant genetic nightmare.

Intergalactic pimp Mike Colby (Jesse Vint) is awakened from deep space sleep by his sidekick bot Sam, just as the duo is being rerouted to the planet Xarbia. There, on a remote space station, Colby uncovers an illegal genetic research experiment gone wrong. A group of scientists have created an unpredictable monstrosity known as Subject 20. The mutant develops a taste for human flesh and it's up to Colby stop the creature before it destroys the planet and its inhabitants.
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