At last year's Fantastic Fest I was introduced to The Burrowers and Mimic 3 director J.T. Petty. He didn't have anything playing at the festival, he was there just to hang out and see movies as a fan. It wasn't long before his 2006 film S&Man came up. Now, if you're familiar with Petty's career, you'll no doubt recognize the title, but even then you may have never had a chance to see the movie. It was picked up by HDNet Films, who promptly proceeded to never actually release the creepy thing.

I mentioned I had seen S&Man and he politely inquired as to how I had seen his largely unreleased, rarely screened film. I hesitated for a bit before responding with a meek, "It gets around." His response was perfect, "Hey, it's cool, I'm totally okay with piracy if that's the only way people are going to see it."

Well, good news! Now you'll no longer have to find a buddy with a bootleg of S&Man to check it out (though, if you've seen the movie, that's actually a very effective way to take it in for the first time). Fangoria tells us that Magnolia Home Entertainment will finally be releasing the film on DVD and Blu-ray on October 12th. Its content is a little rough and even depressing at times - no surprise there considering Petty's goal is to hold a mirror up to the horror fan - but I really think that S&Man is a must see for fans of the genre. Mark your calendars.
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