Welcome back to this week's discs, where each week we futilely try to come up with new ways to say there aren't any new horror discs worth buying. Or at least that's what we have to do most weeks. But this week, surprise surprise for lo and behold there actually is some cool new stuff on the shelves. So let's get to it!

First up is the prolific Blue Underground giving us another taste of high def genre film goodness. Their latest entry, The Prowler, hits DVD and Blu-ray this week. Directed by Joseph Zito with special makeup effects by the legendary Tom Savini, The Prowler delivers on blood, guts and body count. Definitely worth tracking down for you 80s slasher fans.

Next up is a film that spawned one of the biggest horror franchises of all time. The 1989 film Puppet Master has sparked a sequel frenzy with the 10th film in the series hitting DVD and Blu-ray today, day and date with the original film's high def debut. The new film, dubbed Puppet Master: Axis of Evil, goes back to the roots of the series, focusing on the short introductory section from the original film. The original film opens with the murder of the puppets' creator, Mr. Toulon, at the hands of Nazi assassins during World War II. While Puppet Master jumps to present day, Axis of Evil picks up back in the 40s and shows more of that story.

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