Since Lindsay Lohan was released from prison today in order to begin a three-month stint in rehab, it's fitting (and not all that surprising) that photographer Tyler Shields has released more of the promotional photos for Inferno -- the Linda Lovelace bio-pic that Lohan will apparently star in at some point.

Directed by Matthew Wilder, the film will chronicle the life of the infamous star of Deep Throat who went on to become an anti-pornography crusader later in life before dying in a car accident in 2002. Given Lohan's own legal troubles/downward career spiral, it feels like a part she was born to play. Much has been made about some of the dialogue in the film's script -- with Lohan set to recite lines like "I once took on a pro football team -- and I don't just mean two at a time! I mean more!" -- and how this role might turn out to be more a career epitaph than a comeback.

While it remains to be seen how Inferno will turn out (or if it will ever get made with Lohan in the lead role), you can check out some new LiLo photos in the gallery below.

[via Tyler Shields]