'The Expendables' star Sylvester Stallone considers 'Rambo' prequelSylvester Stallone is something of a miracle. He looks amazing at 64, he writes, produces ... he even managed to pull John Rambo out of retirement a few years back. We've been hearing rumors of a fifth film in the series for some time and fans of the franchise have been terrified that it might happen. No one wants to see a tacked on film cheapen the story line. But the rumor we've heard might mean we'll see something even worse. I'll let you know what they're threatening. And I'll try to get some info from Sly himself on the red carpet for his upcoming film, 'The Expendables.' I'll have video from the event in Wednesday's Moviefone Minute. (Source: Empire, Ain't It Cool)

We've gotten a brand new shot of Russell Brand from the set of his 'Arthur' remake. This one has yet another nod to a classic film. I'll let you know which one and what Russell has been saying on Twitter. By the way, you can follow him here. (Source: Daily Mail) I'll also give you the scoop on how your favorite films did at the box office this weekend. Check out the video after the jump.