Tom Cruise is going to star in ... what?The idea of Tom Cruise in another vampire film fills me with dread. It doesn't matter if he's playing one or hunting one. The genre just isn't, well, Cruise-y. Now you may disagree with me on that, but imagine what his Dutch accent is going to sound like. Or maybe he'll just pull a 'Valkyrie' and lose it altogether. (Source: NY Mag)

Even scarier? Mel Gibson may no longer be unemployed. He's in talks to revive his career. And as opposed as I am to seeing him back on the big screen, all reports indicate that a lot of you couldn't care less. Check out my report on what he might be starring in and vote in the poll below the video. I'm dying to know your thoughts on this one. I'll give you the results on Friday's show. (Source: What's Playing) Check out the video after the jump.