Once upon a time, when a popular movie franchise had run its course, the studio would wait a couple decades for the dust to settle and nostalgia to kick in before they began developing a reboot. These days, though, Hollywood has a curious habit of relaunching properties almost before fans have finished exiting the theater from the last version. And now it appears that trend is about to become even more curious.

That's because, according to The Los Angeles Times, Illumination Entertainment is planning an all-new 'Curious George' animated feature. The project, which comes on the heels of Illumination's success with 'Despicable Me' ($190 million and counting), is being backed by Universal, who released their own 'Curious George' movie just four short years ago.

That movie, you may recall, featured a mix of animation and live action and starred Will Ferrell as George's keeper, The Man in the Yellow Hat. Fans, however, were less than curious about the results, as the film brought in just $58 million domestically (though this was apparently enough to convince Universal to issue a direct-to-DVD sequel last year).
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