Oh, Fox, why can't you just leave sci-fi TV alone? Don't keep giving the green light to projects only to shuffle them hither and dither. Last year you toyed with my fanboy heart by constantly sliding the air date of the Ronald D. Moore-created, Peter Berg-directed pilot for Virtuality (which is quite cool and definitely worth checking out despite it being all we'll ever see of the proposed series) all over the place before punishing it with as little promotion as possible. And now it looks like you may be back to your sci-fi hating ways with schedule changes for Terra Nova, the Steven Spielberg-produced show about a family who goes back in time to save the planet.

Originally, the Terra Nova pilot was supposed to air this December, but now it's been shifted to some nebulous time in May 2011. And on top of that, what we see in May will be only the pilot-- the series proper won't begin airing until some time in the fall of 2011.

I'm going to do my best to remain optimistic by telling myself that the longer it takes to air the longer showrunner Brannon Braga will have to make sure that all the spectacle one would expect to find in a prehistoric show look top notch. If it falls any farther down Fox' schedule, though, it'll be considerably harder for me to maintain that illusion.
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