Ball and ChainSyfy is making a new series based on a Wildstorm/Homage Comics series in 1999 called Ball and Chain by Scott Lobdell and Ale Garza. The series is about a pair of recently broken-up lovers that are hit by a meteorite and granted super-powers. The kicker is that their powers only work when they're in close proximity of each other.

I'm reminded of the movie Hancock where the characters lose their powers when in close proximity. This is the opposite effect, but comparisons can still be made. Ball and Chain came out first, though (way back in 1999).

Scott Lobdell was Marvel Comics' X-Men golden boy in the 90's after Chris Claremont left. It's nice to see him being noted for accomplishments outside of that. He will serve as an executive producer for this series. It's certainly different than most of the programming on SyFy. Perhaps they'll be fighting Sharktopus in a later episode.
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