We haven't heard much about Splatter -- Roger Corman and Joe Dante's web series -- since it was first announced earlier this year. The good news is that the project is very much alive. The even better news is that you can now view it for yourself on Hulu.

The web series stars Corey Feldman is about "hard-partying zombie music legend Jonny Splatter and his greedy former business manager. [The film] takes the audience on a wild road trip into the dark world of fame, fortune, greed, immortality and immorality."

Sounds pretty cool -- and anything with our last remaining Corey has to be worth a look, right? The series is "interactive" meaning viewers have the opportunity to select the next victim as the series progresses. Not sure how that works exactly, but interactive horror sounds like it might be fun.

You can check out Splatter (which also features Tony Todd) by clicking here. When you're done, stop by the comment section and share your thoughts. Is this something that might finally push web series over the top with viewers or another missed opportunity?
[via Arrow in the Head]
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