Unless you're in Canada and relishing a summer day off, it's Monday and time to go back to the grind. But here's a little something that should brighten your day, chisel the stone-cold lock off your heart, and maybe (probably) even make you shed a happy tear or two.

There's a short doc on YouTube that's making the rounds right now called 81-Year-Old Sweethearts. Filmmaker Danielle Lurie was flying to DC to screen a short film when she met an 81-year-old man flying to Dulles to reunite with his high school sweetheart, who he hadn't seen in 62 years. As a young man, he had gone into the service, and very soon after, she got married to someone else. Both moved on, but he found her on the Internet, discovered that both of their spouses has passed away, and decided to drop everything and be with her once again.

Obviously, this wasn't a story she could ignore, so Lurie took out her camera and recorded Jack's nervousness and kiss-filled reunion with his young love. It's just over 5 minutes long and should make your Monday just a little brighter. Hit the jump and check it out.